Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

Rochester Water Mitigation

The photo shows our technician, Seth, sweeping up a small area after demolition was completed.  We always try to leave the space that we worked in clean. Also, we take all debris and garbage with us to dispose of at our site. 

SERVPRO of Rochester PPE for Fire Mitigation

This photo shows our technicians with their PPE, personal protection equipment, on before entering the job. SERVPRO of Rochester requires all employees to wear a face mask and gloves at all times, due to COVID-19. Even after COVID-19 is gone, we always want to protect our employees and customers. 

Byron Home Removal of Affected Area ONLY

I am proud to say that SERVPRO of Rochester takes great care and time on each job.  We try to understand the history on what happened to cause the damage, find the cause of loss, find the areas of affected materials, communicate with the customer and then make a plan on how to proceed. 

On this particular job, it was determined that only part of the tile in this bathroom was affected. Once determined the exact tiles that were affected and that weren't, our technicians marked off the area.  This photo was during the tile removal.  After tile removal more material readings were taken and documented.  Then commercial fans were placed.  

SERVPRO of Rochester Uses PPE

This picture shows some of the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that we at SERVPRO of Rochester use of jobs.  The white suit worn over your work clothes and even have shoe covers with a hood all in one piece.  The other PPE in the picture is a half face respirator.  We use these often and have different cartridges to use depending on the job. 

SERVPRO of Rochester Tries to Work Carefully

I don't always to get to see every job SERVPRO of Rochester completes.  However, I am proud as I scroll through the photos to see how careful our technicians are and how nice they leave the affected area.  This picture shows a living room after the carpet was removed and fan placed for drying the affected area.

SERVPRO of Rochester Before & After Cleaning

The left side of this photo shows how this rental cabinet after using SERVPRO cleaning product. The right side is how we found the entire apartment.  The former tenant was a heavy smoker.