Water Damage Photo Gallery

Rochester Home's Hardwood Flooring Injectidry Floor Drying System

There is a black panel that is placed directly on the hardwood floor and it creates a tight seal around the edges to help in the drying process. Our technicians then use a professional grade air mover and dehumidifier to connect these with the Injectidry Floor Drying System. When all this equipment is working together moisture is removed from the flooring and dried out to industry standards. 

SERVPRO of Rochester Water Mitigation

SERVPRO of Rochester uses many tools to assess water damages at customer's homes before starting to remove the affected materials. The photo shows Marc using the infarred camera to help determine areas that may be affected from water damage. In addition to infarred cameras, we take moisture readings of each different type of material in the rooms. 

Rochester Home Wood Floor Buckles

Unfortunately, we at SERVPRO of Rochester are called into a customer's home after the dishwasher water line has broken or has a leak. This leads to a horrible mess on the floor especially if you have wood floors.  This picture shows the extent of the damage when we arrived on site.  You can see the wood floors have buckled because of the water sitting on the floor.  SERVPRO of Rochester has a floor drying system that has saved some wood floors from having to be completely torn out.  One important factor when you have a leak like this is to immediately call your adjuster and then SERVPRO of Rochester.

Rochester Home Containment to Aid Water Mitigation

The picture is of a home that SERVPRO of Rochester helped after a water intrusion.  There are two main reasons that we use containment.  SERVPRO of Rochester uses containment to avoid the rest of the home from becoming dusty. Also,  we use containment to reduce the area that we are drying. 

Protecting Rochester's Customer's Home

This picture shows how SERVPRO of Rochester installed green flooring protection on a customer's stairs.  We put this down so that as materials are removed and taken out to be disposed of that water, dirt, etc aren't tracked onto the carpet.

Kasson Home Delaminated Carpet

This carpet was delaminated when SERVPRO of Rochester was checking to see if the carpet was salvageable. It was determined after looking at the back of the carpet that the back was peeling away from the carpet and not able to be salvaged.

SERVPRO of Rochester Uses Wood Flooring Drying System

SERVPRO of Rochester has an in place drying mat system for wood floors.  Sometimes it's best to try drying the wood floor to see if it can be saved.  This system removes the water and moisture from the wood without damaging the floor.  Technicians monitor the moisture levels daily and move the mats around to ensure all areas of the floor is drying.

Rochester Home Broken Pipe

This winter was a rough one!  SERVPRO of Rochester has seen many of these copper pipes that burst and were broken.  SERVPRO of Rochester works directly with insurance companies, adjusters and agents.  We document the cause of each loss.