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Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen Cabinet

SERVPRO of Rochester was hired to help clean an apartment where the tenant had moved out after living there for over ten years.  It was a great day to clean up this apartment.  We cleaned the entry way, two bedrooms and closets, kitchen, living room and full bathroom. SERVPRO of Rochester had its work cut out for us that day.  It was a great day and so rewarding to help the owners get their unit back to clean and new looking.

This picture shows the kitchen corner cabinet.  The left side of the picture shows how the cabinet was before we cleaned the front of that cabinet and the right side shows the cabinet after we cleaned. 


DON'T WAIT TOO LONG to call SERVPRO of Rochester. 

This ceiling picture is at a local commercial building where there was a broken pipe.  Water gushed out and the ceiling tiles were able to hold the water was too heavy.

Lower Kitchen Cabinet in Rental Unit

Another great example of why SERVPRO cleaning products are the best!  We used Wall And All Cleaner with some deodorizer and the smoke and grease came off with ease! The photo was taken at a unit where the tenant was a heavy smoker.