Storm Damage Photo Gallery


This picture shows our SERVPRO of Rochester van after taking out affected materials from a home. The recent storms have cause extensive damage to whole basements. We always take moisture readings and all materials in the home from ceiling to walls and floors. These readings tell us the moisture in the material and then we go by IICRC standards to determine which materials need to be removed.


Storm damage like we have been having here in MN has devastating affects on homes. This picture shows what SERVPRO of Rochester technicians saw after taking out affected materials from the flood. 


This picture was taken at a home SERVPRO of Rochester was called to help with as their basement was flooded. The water was powerful and mighty as the recent storms caused so much damages to homes and businesses.

Unexpected water in basement

No one wants or expects to come home or wake up after a thunderstorm to find your carpets squishy and items on carpet wet along with the furniture. There are times when these superstorms come through dumping tons of water in a very short time period. 

This picture is one that was taken after a recent storm.  We came in after a sump pump failure and removed all the carpeting and some other affected materials.

Sump Pump Failures

SERVPRO of Rochester has seen a lot of these sump pump failures in the last 24 hours.  Rochester, Minnesota received over 5" of rain in a time period of 6 hours.  This resulted in flooding of roadways, basements, and sump pumps to fail.  Even homes with sump pumps with back-up pumps couldn't keep up to the water. These storms are common in Minnesota especially in June. 

If you find your self facing a wet basement because your sump pump isn't working there are a few things to know about what you should do. Check to make sure your sump pump is plugged in. If it is and you determine that the sump pump is not working, you will need to get another sump pump up and going to remove the water until SERVPRO of Rochester can arrive.  Then, begin removing any valuables and items to a dry place.  Next, you should call your insurance agent and ask for SERVPRO of Rochester services.