Recent Before & After Photos

A Dishwasher Water Damage

Recently, SERVPRO of Rochester was called to mitigate a job where the dishwasher created a water damage. The first photo shows the beautiful kitchen before our ... READ MORE

Commercial Cleaning

SERVPRO of Rochester was hired for a rough general cleaning after a local school put on an addition to their building. There were still contractors in and out o... READ MORE

A Soaked Basement

Floods are the Earth's most common and most destructive forces that occurs naturally. SERVPRO of Rochester was literally flooded with calls during the last spri... READ MORE

Sprinkler System Goes Off in Assisted Living

Water Mitigation is extremely important to begin as soon as you discover you have a water damage. The longer a water damage is left without mitigating, mold gro... READ MORE

Basement Flooding

Inches and inches of free flowing water coming into your basement doesn't belong there and can send you into shock. Many people don't know what to do. SERVPRO o... READ MORE

A Wet Basement from flooding

Heavy rains for days brought major flooding in South Eastern Minnesota. It's heartbreaking to see how much damage water can cause to homes. SERVPRO of Rochester... READ MORE

Flooded Basement

The first photo visually shows that the carpet is soaked all over. When it rains and rains which result in flooding, many home basements have standing water. On... READ MORE

Basement Flooding

Having water in your basement is so frustrating! We understand and have helped hundreds of homeowners. Photo one shows part of the home that was affected. The h... READ MORE

Flooding Damage

Flooding happens to homes but the flooding we have seen is unprecedented. In fact, some say this flooding ranks up near the flooding of 1978 in Rochester. The f... READ MORE

Cleaning After A Fire Is Important

It is very important to have your home professionally cleaned after a fire or smoke damage. Besides the smell in the home, all the items have been affected and ... READ MORE