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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

We, at SERVPRO of Rochester, had an opportunity to clean these carpets in a little boutique shop in downtown Rochester. The store has high traffic daily Monday ... READ MORE

Commercial Rugs

Each week we have new customers and repeat customers drop off rugs for cleaning. We have a good system set up to efficiently and throughly clean rugs, chairs an... READ MORE

Water Damage

This picture was taken at a customer's home in their lower level. The area was a water damage. The before picture shows how the closet looked upon arrival of S... READ MORE

Water Damage

SERVPRO of Rochester was called to this home that had a water damage. Sometimes carpet can be dried in place while other times the carpet needs to be taken out ... READ MORE

Kitchen water damage

SERVPRO of Rochester was called in to help with a kitchen and main level water level damage. Upon arrival we document all areas affected, and keep communicatio... READ MORE


SERVPRO corportate has a complete line of professional cleaning products that are AWESOME! We always use SERVPRO chemicals and customers have complimented how w... READ MORE

Rental Unit Bathroom

We use the BEST and only the best cleaning products. In this bathroom there was years worth of grime, soap and other stains. I used SERVPRO Industrial Cleaner... READ MORE

Minimal removal

When SERVPRO of Rochester is called by an agent or customer we always try to remove what is needed and no more to existing walls and/or ceilings. This applies t... READ MORE

No More Grafitti

I am continually amazed at the quality of SERVPRO cleaning products. I know I have said it before but I LOVE SERVPRO cleaning products, all of them! I haven't ... READ MORE


These pictures are from a commercial cleaning job we recently were on. There was this dark yellow, brown nicotine color on everything in the apartment. The pict... READ MORE

Nicotine All Over

The BEFORE picture shows the nicotine on the walls from tenant that lived in apartment for 10 years. The AFTER picture on the right side of wall & picture ... READ MORE

Bathroom Tile Cleaning

A great before picture taken by our Crew Chief. Our technicians were in a home cleaning. This bathroom tile had some tough stains on it as you can see in the ... READ MORE

Post Construction Cleaning

Recently we were given the opportunity to help on a commercial project in the final stages. SERVPRO of Rochester came in and cleaned over 20 rooms floor to cei... READ MORE

Leaky Roof Damage

This before photo is from a recent job that SERVPRO of Rochester completed. The customer had a leaky room in their three season porch ceiling. You can see in t... READ MORE

Severe Storm Flooding

This spring and summer Southeastern Minnesota was flooded literally with rainfall after rainfall after rainfall. Gutters, Sump pumps and street drains weren't a... READ MORE

Amazing Duct Cleaning Results

I am impressed each time I see our technicians photos of before and after duct cleanings. SERVPRO of Rochester does many many duct cleanings each year. You ca... READ MORE

Water in Basement

SERVPRO of Rochester had a customer request for water mitigation services after water was found in the basement. If you look at the before picture you can see q... READ MORE

Commercial Cleaning Job

SERVPRO of Rochester worked at a commercial job cleaning up post-construction. Our technicians did a variety of jobs at this site. The before and after picture... READ MORE

Why SERVPRO of Rochester?

Why use us? Why call SERVPRO of Rochester for your water or fire damage? These two images are of the same area before we performed mitigation services at the cu... READ MORE

Water Damaged Tile

I love these two pictures that Marc took. We take hundreds of pictures on each job for the insurance company, homeowner and for the file. Photo one shows the ar... READ MORE

Protecting Customer's Personal Belongings

The first photo shows the customer's bedroom before our technicians placed protective plastic over their personal belongings. We place protective plastic over i... READ MORE

Fire Damage

SERVPRO of Rochester has been hired to help with many fire jobs. We have been involved with smoke and soot damage to complete losses. Photo one shows the insid... READ MORE

Fire Mitigation

Recently SERVPRO of Rochester was called for fire mitigation services. Fire mitigation services have a wide ranges of types of cleanings and mitigation dependin... READ MORE

Uncovering Damage After A Fire

As you look at photo one, you see pieces of sub floor, which is the material under the carpet and pad. The sub floor looks like it has some mold and dried water... READ MORE

Cleaning After A Fire Is Important

It is very important to have your home professionally cleaned after a fire or smoke damage. Besides the smell in the home, all the items have been affected and ... READ MORE

Flooding Damage

Flooding happens to homes but the flooding we have seen is unprecedented. In fact, some say this flooding ranks up near the flooding of 1978 in Rochester. The f... READ MORE

Basement Flooding

Having water in your basement is so frustrating! We understand and have helped hundreds of homeowners. Photo one shows part of the home that was affected. The h... READ MORE

Flooded Basement

The first photo visually shows that the carpet is soaked all over. When it rains and rains which result in flooding, many home basements have standing water. On... READ MORE

A Wet Basement from flooding

Heavy rains for days brought major flooding in South Eastern Minnesota. It's heartbreaking to see how much damage water can cause to homes. SERVPRO of Rochester... READ MORE

Basement Flooding

Inches and inches of free flowing water coming into your basement doesn't belong there and can send you into shock. Many people don't know what to do. SERVPRO o... READ MORE

Sprinkler System Goes Off in Assisted Living

Water Mitigation is extremely important to begin as soon as you discover you have a water damage. The longer a water damage is left without mitigating, mold gro... READ MORE