Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Rochester Affected Contents After Fire

After a fire SERVPRO of Rochester technicians inventoried and took photos of any contents that were destroyed or uncleanable. However, some contents are able to be salvaged and cleaned using the SERVPRO cleaning products. SERVPRO of Rochester has an entire cleaning product line with two chemists on staff. Sometimes we run into stubborn affected materials and are able to consult with them and have success!

Rochester Fire, Smoke & Soot Damage

SERVPRO of Rochester used a type of media blasting called soda blasting to help remove the soot, charred materials and smell of smoke. It's amazing to see the before affected materials to the right side of photo showing after media blasting. SERVPRO of Rochester did all the work "in house" by our technicians. 

If you find yourself dealing with your home after a fire, call SERVPRO of Rochester

Home Fire Mitigation in Rochester

SERVPRO of Rochester has had many customers with fires in their homes or garages. Experiencing a fire is traumatic and affects people in different ways. Some customers have described having a fire in their home is similar to loosing a loved one. We understand and want to help if you find yourself faced with the aftermath of a fire. 

This photo shows the aftermath of an area in a home we worked in. The outside of the home sustained some siding damage and some damage to the deck and stairs. Inside the home, all the contents were unsalvageable. SERVPRO of Rochester worked inside the home removing everything down to studs. 

Call SERVPRO of Rochester if you are in need of smoke, soot, or fire damage mitigation.

SERVPRO of Rochester Working on Local Home Fire

SERVPRO of Rochester was called to a home where there had been a fire in the home.  Our technicians use dry sponges specifically made to remove soot and other debris that are in smoke. This process is incredible when you are working and watching the ceiling change color becoming cleaner and cleaner.  The sponge is actually made of vulcanized latex rubber and has pores on it similar to a sponge allowing small, fine particles to be absorbed. The dry sponge is put on our extendable dry sponge pole.  The technician works different ways meticulously and is able to get the soot successfully removed. 

Rochester Kitchen Fire

SERVPRO of Rochester had the opportunity to work on this fire job at a residence in Rochester, MN.  The fire started very quickly but caused extensive damage to the kitchen, walls, appliances and cabinets. 

We worked directly with the customer and insurance adjuster to get this kitchen all cleaned up, some parts replaced while other parts were cleaned.  

Our technicians came in and cleaned all the affected areas with SERVPRO cleaning products.  Even though you can't always see the soot from fires, it's there all over the surfaces. There is a process to getting the items back to normal. 

Rochester Fire Damage

This picture shows damage from a fire that SERVPRO of Rochester was called to for fire mitigation service. Fortunately the main level of the home sustained only minimal damage with the upper level having the most damage.

Rochester Fire Damaged Home

This picture was taken when SERVPRO of Rochester arrived at this home.  The home had an electrical fire and the home had to be completely taken down to the studs and frame.  This can be a long process for the homeowners.  SERVPRO of Rochester is here to help you.  We packed up the contents of this home, brought it back to our shop.  There we inventoried it, cleaned, deodorized and ozoned all the contents.