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Tips for Investigating Potential Water Leaks | SERVPRO of Rochester

2/15/2024 (Permalink)

Water leaking and flooded on wood parquet floor. Room floor will damage after the water flooded Don't let water linger in your home, call SERVPRO of Rochester to get the job done!

You are going about your day and all of a sudden are hit with a musty smell when walking into your bathroom or your feet become wet as you step into a random puddle in your basement. While you deal with the immediate frustrating feeling of potentially discovering a water leak, you also want to make sure you find the source of it right away to prevent the situation from getting any worse.

Tracking down a water leak might take some work, especially if it started in a hard-to-reach space or an area of your home that you don’t check often. Prioritize these locations when looking so you can track it down and locate it faster.

Going on the Hunt

One of the first places that we suggest to check is anywhere that is directly connected to the outside elements. We see all kinds of rain, snow, sleet and ice throughout the year, and any of that can easily infiltrate our homes through hairline cracks around windows, doors and even small wiring holes. Run your hands over your window panes, check by your doors for new puddles and check your walls for signs of residual moisture.

Another common place for leaks are the pipes that are flowing water to and from our homes on a daily basis. A single worn seal or a connection that has loosened over time can quickly create a small drip that turns into a gush of water. 

The same is true for exterior water lines and spigots. A spigot that is left to drip can slowly form into a puddle near your foundation that will leak down into your basement and turn it into a watery mess. 

Investigating Your Appliances

How many appliances do you have in your home that use water to function? We all have at least one, and these handy appliances can unfortunately leak at any moment. 

If you discover a puddle near your dishwasher or your laundry room is starting to smell funny, it’s time to start pulling appliances away from the wall to check for signs of moisture behind and beneath them. 

If you do discover a water leak, water spot or mold growth, stay calm! Depending on how long the water leak has been happening, taking action quickly is important. Turn off the water connections to stop the flow of water and then give us a call right away. Our team will make sure to tackle your restoration with speed and confidence. 

Why Hiring a Professional Restoration Team Matters

Once water starts to leak where it shouldn’t, it can cause chaos in minutes. It will leak into every available crack and crevice in your home and can eventually get behind your walls or under your floors. This lingering moisture can be really hard to get at by yourself!

Over time, that can lead to structural degradation in your home as well as potential mold infestations. Our team will arrive quickly to tackle the standing water as well as focus on removing the water that you can’t easily reach on your own. 

After your space is dry, we will expertly tackle your repairs to help you make a full recovery. Don’t wait! Call us 24/7 for immediate water damage restoration assistance. 

Don’t let a water leak go unaddressed! Contact SERVPRO of Rochester right away.

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