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End of Fall Tips

10/10/2021 (Permalink)

No-one wants to come home to a water damage that results in having your home furnishings destroyed, having carpet or wood flooring removed as well as sheet rock and other affected materials.

The weather forecast for this winter is supposed to be harsh in Southeastern Minnesota. The forecast is for a 3-4 week period of harsh, bone chilling cold. Those of us in the water and fire mitigation business this means broken or burst pipes. 

There are certain things that you can do to help prepare your home for winter and the cold weather that is forecast. 

SERVPRO of Rochester recommends:

  1. Remove all hoses from the outside water faucet. 
  2. Remove all leaves, sticks and other debris from gutters. 
  3. Check around your home to make sure that the grade is flowing away from your home. 
  4. Inspect your roof for any blown away shingles or holes in your home. Animals have been known to make this possible.
  5. Change the batteries in your smoke alarm and CO detectors. 

SERVPRO of Rochester is here to serve and help you in your time of need. We stand ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Owner is on every job site.

What's Lurking Behind Your Walls?

8/8/2021 (Permalink)

Pink Mold When the affected sheetrock was removed, pink and black mold was discovered at this water mitigation job.

SERVPRO of Rochester was recently called to a customer's home after the homeowner discovered a part of their basement had a fuzzy layer of white mold on top of their squishy, saturated carpet. 

Marc went out to meet the customer and take moisture readings on the different affected materials. It was determined that in the affected area all the carpet and pad had to be removed according to IICRC standards. Then the technicians moved to the wall areas to remove affected drywall and baseboard. 

What was lurking behind their walls upon closer inspection and demolition? We found pink and black mold on the back side of the drywall. 

Many times when customers experience a water loss and can't visibly see moisture and damage on walls, they think that SERVPRO of Rochester services aren't needed. Usually materials are wet and mitigation services are needed. With the various moisture meters we can tell what is wet and begin the begin the process of mitigation to reduce the chances for mold growth.

Can I Have A Water Damage During A Drought?

7/11/2021 (Permalink)

Can I have a water damage during a drought?


Water damages in homes, hotels, schools, and places of businesses can happen at any time even during a drought! 

There is no "better" or "worse" time for a water damage. Unfortunately and usually it always happens at the worst time.  SERVPRO of Rochester has had customers call us right as family is arriving for a weekend, getting ready for a graduation and even wedding. It is best to have a plan for when this happens, you know what to do right away. 

SERVPRO of Rochester recommends you do the following steps after you find water in your home. 

1. Find the source. Where is the water coming from? How did it get into your home?

2. If it is safe, turn off the water supply. 

3. Contact SERVPRO of Rochester.  We have on call technicians and owner 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even holiday.  507-286-9170.

4. If you are able, move contents that are currently in water or in the path of the water.  Don't throw away anything! You will need to itemize and photograph each item as specific as possible if it's deemed unsalvageable.

We are here to help you.

Water Damages in Rochester MN during a drought?

6/18/2021 (Permalink)

Before working in this industry, I had no idea how many water damages there are in a day, week, month and even year in Rochester, Minnesota.  And, to add to that, I thought that water damages only occurred when there was lots of rain. 


Here in Southeastern Minnesota we are in a drought, not quite severe drought yet. The weather forecasts don't look hopeful at the prospect of rain either. 

Do you think a homeowner can have a water damage when there is a drought such a time like this?    YES! You sure can have a water damage during a drought!

Some common water damage calls that SERVPRO of Rochester has received in the last few weeks: 

  • sink with water running left which cause sink to overflow and spread to surrounding flooring 
  • dishwasher line break
  • toliet that overflowed ran for quite a while which affected the walls, flooring and rooms below 

No-one knows or can plan for a water damage in your home but by being prepared is key. Know that SERVPRO of Rochester stands ready to help you in your time of need.

24 hours a day, 365 days a week.


Spring Tips

5/1/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Rochester has a few tips to help you have your home ready for Spring. 

  • Check your gutters. Remove leaves, sticks and other debris.
  • Check your sump pump to ensure that it is working. 
  • Walk around the perimeter of your home to check if the dirt and or grass is sloped away from your home. 
  • Check your air conditioner.  Does it need to be cleaned out or serviced?
  • If possible check your roof to see if you had any damage from the winter or recent hail we experienced.
  • Change the batteries in your smoke detectors and then test each one. 

SERVPRO of Rochester specializes in fire and water mitigation, trauma clean-up, graffiti removal and mold mitigation. 

SERVPRO of Rochester stands ready to work with you in your time of need. We have IICRC technicians on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even holidays and weekends. 507-286-9170

Rochester Water Damage Hard Wood Floor Loss

2/1/2021 (Permalink)

Injectidry Floor Drying System The photo shows the Injectidry Floor Drying System on a Rochester home's hardwood flooring. SERVPRO of Rochester has professional equipment.

Hardwood floor is truly beautiful in homes but after a broken pipe, dishwater or toilet overflow customers can feel like their floor is ruined.

Our technicians have arrived at customer's homes where the hardwood floors are cupping with dark water lines at the ends and cracks in between boards. SERVPRO of Rochester has been successful in saving hardwood floors with extensive water damage by using an Injectidry Floor Drying System. 

This Injectidry Floor Drying system is incredible to witness the drying and restoration process from beginning to the end of the water mitigation.

There is a black panel that is placed directly on the hardwood floor and it creates a tight seal around the edges to help in the drying process. Our technicians then use a professional grade air mover and dehumidifier to connect these with the Injectidry Floor Drying System. When all this equipment is working together moisture is removed from the flooring and dried out to industry standards. 

Time is of the essence when dealing with hardwood flooring and the time the water damage happened. The longer the water sits on the floor increases the chances of the hardwood floor buckling. The sooner you contact SERVPRO of Rochester and we can get our Injectidry Floor Drying System the greater chances are that we can save your affected hardwood flooring. 

SERPVPRO of Rochester has technicians on call ready to help you in your time of need. Call us on weekdays, weekends, holidays, anytime.            507-286-9170.

SERVPRO of Rochester Ice Dams

1/19/2021 (Permalink)

Ice Dam Damage to Home This photo shows how an ice dam can cause damage to your home.

Minnesota is known as the Land of 10,000 Lakes! According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, there are 11,842 lakes that are 10 acres of more in size. Incredible! Many say Minnesota is God's country and I tend to agree!

In Minnesota we miss out on hurricanes and wild forest fires, but we definitely have some crazy weather. During this time in the year, almost halfway through winter, the temperature may dip down to 15 or 20 degrees below zero with a windchill of 35 degrees below zero. We may have a few weeks like that and then it may warm up in February to a few degrees above freezing. 

What does this do to homes? Many times when we have this bitterly cold weather and then warming, it can create havoc on your home. 

SERVPRO of Rochester has seen customers with ice dams which creates issues with the roof and attic. This can create some serious damage to the inside of your home too including the insulation, studs, sheetrock & walls. 

We are ready to help you during this time if you find you have an ice dam. Call SERVPRO of Rochester. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Water Mitigation in Rochester

1/16/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO documentation This photo shows the cause of damage from a water mitigation job we recently were on.

A water damage to your home can happen at any time in any season here in Minnesota.  Yes, there are certain times in the year that ice dams occur in winter while flooding usually is in the spring and summer.

Burst and broken pipes inside a home or commercial building are unpredictable and can break at any time.  There's not anything you can do to prevent it. However, SERVPRO of Rochester has a few tips to prepare in case you are faced with a broken pipe or backed up drain. 

  • Put your valuables up on a shelf or on a pallet. You want to avoid storing things on the floor. 
  • If you do have a broken pipe, call SERVPRO of Rochester first, then your plumber. 
  • Once you have called us and we are on our way, start moving any items that are on the floor or may be in the path of water. 

Many people think that "it's only water and that your affected materials will dry." However, you need to know that if you don't call in a professional, SERVPRO of Rochester, you may make your home worse. How can you make it work by trying to fix it yourself? Homeowners have good intentions but not the correct moisture meters, industry knowledge, training and IICRC certification along with professional drying equipment. Fans and dehumidifers purchased at big box stores are NOT up to our quality. 

Call SERVPRO of Rochester if you face a broken or burst pipe, fire damage, or trauma clean-up. 

Our technicians stand by on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are here to serve and help you. 

Are There Water Damages During A Dry Season?

8/10/2020 (Permalink)

The spring and summer of 2019 was one that was insanely filled with day after day and night after night of torrential rains which resulted in flooding all across Southeastern Minnesota. As a result, storm systems and sewage systems backed up creating even more damage to homes that were already flooded. 

What is it like this spring and summer of 2020?  Here in Southeaster Minnesota, the weather has been warm, even hot at times, but very little rain.

Does this mean there aren't water issues for homeowners? NO.

SERVPRO of Rochester has been called to several overflowing toliets, broken pipes, faucets that were left running by accident. We continue to help customers during their time of need. 

As we enjoy the last month or so in summer.  Here are a few tips: 

*if you are grilling out or having a bonfire, keep a hose handy and make sure the water is turned on

*when cooking in the kitchen, keep a fire extinguisher nearby

*if you have new appliances, run the first cycle or two while you are at home 

Lastly, we hope that you are able to find some quiet time with family or friends. 

IICRC Water Categories and Classes

7/10/2020 (Permalink)

When SERVPRO of Rochester's technicians arrive at a job after speaking with the customer, one of the next things we will do is to determine where the source of the damage is, what rooms and types of materials are affected. 

Determining the correct category and class of water is vitally important on each job. 

According to IICRC standards, there are 3 categories of water:

  • Category 1: no contamination
  • Category 2: significant contamination
  • Category 3: grossly contamination

According to IICRC standards, there are 4 classes of water: 

  • Class 1: the least amount of water absorption & absorption load

  • Class 2: this is significant amount of water absorption & absorption load

  • Class 3: this is greatest amount of water absorption & absorption load

  • Class 4: deeply held or bound water

Do I Really Need to Call SERVPRO of Rochester?

6/2/2020 (Permalink)

Some people have called us after talking to their insurance company. The caller tells us that they have cleaned up the water damage that was in their home and asks us if we really need to come out. 

The answer is YES!

SERVPRO of Rochester is a professional company, fully insuranced and IICRC trained technicians. We have the training and industry equipment to handle small and large jobs. Some think that we can just use regular house fans and dehumidifiers. This is NOT true. There is a science behind mitigating water damages in each part of the job. On each job we are monitoring, taking moisture measurements, documenting, comparing outside temperatures to make sure the balance are condusive to drying conditions. 

We have seen a few jobs where other companies have tried to complete the job, but actually created conditions of making it rain in the home. YIKES! 

SERVPRO of Rochester is here to help you mitigate your water damage. 

How Can I Tell if I have Water Damage?

5/23/2020 (Permalink)

Some customers have asked us, SERVPRO of Rochester, to come out to their home to make sure after they had some water come up a drain if they cleaned it up and that there's no other damage. 

It is very deceptive if you simply look at the floor, walls or ceiling after you have "cleaned up the water".  

SERVPRO of Rochester comes out to the customer's home to take a visual assessment and to take moisture readings of the affected areas. It is vital to your home that you call us to come out to make sure that you don't have any other materials affected in your home. You cannot believe the number of jobs we have looked at, taken moisture readings of the door jambs, trim, walls, and ceilings besides the carpet and pad that are 100% affected.  

Having materials affected in a water damage and not taking them out will make mold growth. This creates a whole new mess. Many insurance companies will not cover mold after a water damage that wasn't reported and mitigated by an IICRC company, like SERVPRO of Rochester. 

Unusually Warm Winter in Southern MN

2/3/2020 (Permalink)

Have you been loving this warm weather that we are having in SE Minnesota? It's nothing like last year when we were in the below zero temperatures and wind chills for days on end. 

SERVPRO of Rochester has a few tips for times like this when the temperature fluctuates from below freezing to above freezing temperatures. 

1. Clear snow, ice or debris from gutters so water can run freely as it melts. 

2. While you are doing that, check to see that there aren't any obstructions in front of or near the gutters, low windows, or window wells. 

3. Check your roof and roof peaks for ice dams. 

4. Check outside pipes for leaks. 

If you do have water coming in your home, move as many contents as you can to a higher floor in your home. Document as you go.  Call SERVPRO of Rochester at 507-286-9170.  We answer 24 hours a day.

Stewartville Be Prepared for Flooding

1/12/2020 (Permalink)

Last winter brought Minnesota record breaking bitter temperatures and abundant snowfall. School age children found themselves cheering more than the allowed 10 days per school year. According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, in Rochester, MN, last year in the month of February we received over 40 inches of snowfall. 

In the spring, residents found themselves dealing with lots of melting snow and then rainfall that seemed like it wouldn't stop.  Again, there was record precipitation. 

SERVPRO of Rochester found ourselves helping homeowners deal with ice dams, flooded basements, broken pipes, and seepage.  

Most home owners insurance policies in Minnesota don't cover flood damage.  If you want flood coverage, you will need to additionally purchase this coverage.  All policies have a 30 day waiting period before coverage takes effect. 

We at SERVPRO of Rochester highly encourage you to purchase flood coverage.  There's nothing worse than finding out after the fact of having your basement flooded that you have no coverage. 

However, we work with individual homeowners whether they have insurance and/or flood insurance. We are here to help you.

Rochester Homeowners Call SERVPRO of Rochester

8/13/2019 (Permalink)

No-one expects or wants to find a room or rooms in their home that has water gushing in from a broken pipe, overflowing toilet or washer, leaky roof or a crack in the foundation.  You, as a homeowner, want to call SERVPRO of Rochester to come out to your home and begin water mitigation services.  We are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  You want to take care of the water damage right away.

You will want our services to stop water from going further into your insulation, walls, doors, ceilings, furniture, pool tables, clothing, and other affected materials. We will come out to your home and take moisture readings. We document all readings daily. The affected materials are removed and documented. Once the affected materials have been removed commercial drying and dehumidification equipment is placed in the affected areas.  Then approximately every 24 hours, a technician will come to your home and take moisture readings.  When the materials are dried to IICRC standards, equipment is removed. Each day this is documented and you are able to see the progress in our documents we send to the insurance company.

Another reason that you want to have the affcted areas properly and professionally mitigated to help prevent mold growth.  Usually mold is not covered by insurance companies.  Mold can grow within a few days of a water damage. 

Rochester Homes Have Ice Dams

2/25/2019 (Permalink)

Ice Dam Damage to Home The diagram shows an ice dam on a home and the different layers of the affected materials in the home.

We at SERVPRO of Rochester have been receiving many calls from residents who have water coming in their home from an ice dam. 

What is an ice dam?

An ice dam is a ridge of ice that forms usually at the edge of your roof. This ridge prevents melting snow from draining off your roof. Instead, the melting snow backs up behind the ridge and can leak into your home.  Some areas that can be affected are your ceiling, walls, insulation as well as other areas. 

What do you do if you are getting water in your home from an ice dam? 

1. Call a professional roofer. They have the experience and knowledge to help you eliminate the ice dam.  

2. Call SERVPRO of Rochester when you have the ice dams removed.  We will come in, assess the affected areas, communicate the plan, do any demolition if needed, place commercial air movers and dehumidifiers. We monitor jobs daily and keep the customer aware of the progress in their home.  We work with insurance companies too.

Lots of Broken Pipes in Rochester

1/30/2019 (Permalink)

We are getting calls for a lot of burst pipes.  We at SERVPRO of Rochester can help you!  All our employees are IICRC certified trained to industry standards. 

Broken and burst pipes are the most common causes of property damage. According to the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety, water damages from broken pipes can easily cost thousands of dollars in damage. Exterior walls, and pipes in unheated spaces like unfinished basements, and garages are most at risk for damage or breaking. 

If you do discover a broken or burst pipe, you should find out what the cause of it was.  More than likely, you will need to call a plumber out to fix the pipe before calling SERVPRO of Rochester.  

We are a 24/7 company that is ready to help out when you need it most.

Rochester Residents Are You Leaving for Christmas?

12/17/2018 (Permalink)

Are you leaving your home during the Christmas holiday?  There are a few simple things you can do to take care of your home so that you lessen your chances of home damage while you are gone. 

1. Unplug all your electronics. This will help lower your electricity bill and help prevent an electrical fire.

2. Turn off the main water supply line if you are going to be gone for more than a week.  This may help prevent leaks or breaks in the line.

3. Remember to throw away any perishable items so they don't rot. 

4. Stop your mail and paper service.  Contact the USPS and they can hold your mail for you until you return. 

We at SERPVRO of Rochester wish you a Merry Christmas and blessed 2019!